About Ernesto Perez

Ernesto Perez Realtor in Philadelphia
About Ernesto Perez

Realtor in Pennsylvania

Whether you are buying your first property or your 10th, the strategy and how to make the best choice today for the best outcome in the future may rely on one key decision–working with the right realtor!

A realtor with more than 15 years of expertise, Ernesto Perez has assisted clients in finding the ideal house and guiding them through the entire process of buying or selling a home.  He has assisted buyers in finding houses in a variety of neighborhoods in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Clients benefit from his knowledge and experience, which helps them make the right decision today that will lead to the purchase of their ideal home tomorrow.

Ernesto worked as an Operations Manager in the Customer Service industry before to beginning his real estate journey. After purchasing his first home 15 years ago, he developed a strong interest in the real estate industry. He is enthusiastic about anything related to real estate, whether it is a property that generates wealth or an investment that generates money for his clients. In his work with clients, he takes pleasure in ensuring that the experience is enjoyable and memorable for all parties involved.

Ernesto also trains new and returning clients on how to use real estate to build wealth that will last for generations. People can also reach out to him if they are seeking for new ways to fund their child’s education, early retirement, or simply want to learn more about the various investment opportunities that are currently available to them. It is his goal to go above and above for his clients, and he holds himself accountable for achieving higher levels of performance.

He works together with the team at LMP Investments Properties, INC, who specializes in assisting first-time buyers, investors, and anybody else trying to leverage real estate to achieve their financial objectives. They believe that in order to achieve exceptional results, an uncommon strategy is required.

From technology to negotiating, Ernesto and his team focus on using what works rather than relying on the same old industry approach. They understand that what works looks different for each person and evolves over time. His team also understands that what never changes is the importance of relationships–putting people first

Putting people first means creating smart options at the intersection of their unique goals and market conditions — options that provide value now and in the future. It’s a solutions-based mindset that demands equal parts expertise, curiosity, and engagement. As a team, they are invested in their clients and each other–valuing individuality and diversity of thought around a shared belief in the ability of the real estate to open doors. Their track record of leveraging the best and brightest ideas is shifting the traditional real estate landscape and creating new paths forward.

They believe that real estate is personal and at its core, their philosophy is very simple — people before properties. It can be hard to choose the right realtors but working with Ernesto and his team will make you want to work with him again! They handle “Real estate with full transparency, professionalism, and integrity.”