Ernesto Perez
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Ernesto Perez Realtor in Philadelphia

Realtor in Philadelphia

Whether you are buying your first property or your 10th, the strategy and how to make the best choice today for the best outcome in the future may rely on one key decision–working with the right realtor!

Ernesto Perez, a realtor in Philadelphia with over 15 years of experience, has been helping clients find the right home and guiding them through the process. He has helped buyers find homes from all over the areas of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His knowledge and experience help clients make the best decision today that will lead to their dream home tomorrow. 

Prior to a career in real estate, Ernesto was an Operations Manager in Customer Service. His passion for real estate started 15 years ago after purchasing his first home. He is passionate about anything real estate, whether it’s a home that builds wealth or an investment that generates income. He is delighted in working with clients and strives to make it a positive and memorable experience for all parties involved.

Ernesto also educates new clients and repeat clients on how to leverage real estate to create generational wealth. He is also able to be reached out by people looking for creative ways to fund their child’s education, early retirement, or simply want to know more about different investment opportunities available. He strives to exceed client expectations and he holds himself accountable for a higher level of performance. 

Together with his team at LMP Investments Properties, INC, they believe that real estate is personal and at its core, their philosophy is very simple — people before properties. It can be hard to choose the right realtor in Philadelphia but working with Ernesto and his team will make you want to work with him again! They handle “Real estate with full transparency, professionalism, and integrity.” Meet with them today!

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